BDCPS304 Burgundy Plus Size V-Neck Lace Bridesmaid Dress

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Standard Prom/Wedding/Bridesmaid Dress Size Chart(Inches)

You can check our size chart and measure guide. Also you can ask our service for help if you are new for purchasing a formal dress online.

US2/UK6- (Bust 32 ½ Waist 25 ½ Hips 35 ¾ Hollow to Floor 58)

US4/UK8- (Bust 33 ½ Waist 26 ½ Hips 36 ¾ Hollow to Floor 58)

US6/UK10- (Bust 34 ½ Waist 27 ½ Hips 37 ¾ Hollow to Floor 59)

US8/UK12- (Bust 35 ½ Waist 28 ½ Hips 38 ¾ Hollow to Floor 59)

US10/UK14- (Bust 36 ½ Waist 29 ½ Hips 39 ¾ Hollow to Floor 60)

US12/UK16- (Bust 38 Waist 31 ½ Hips 41 ¼ Hollow to Floor 60)

US14/UK18- (Bust 39 ½ Waist 32 ½ Hips 42 ¾ Hollow to Floor 61)

US16/UK20- (Bust 41 Waist 34 Hips 44 ¼ Hollow to Floor 61)

16W/UK20- (Bust 43 Waist 36 ¼ Hips 45 ½ Hollow to Floor 61)

18W/UK22- (Bust 45 Waist 38 ½ Hips 47 ½ Hollow to Floor 61)

20W/UK24- (Bust 47 Waist 40 ¾ Hips 49 ½ Hollow to Floor 61)

22W/UK26- (Bust 49 Waist 43 Hips 51 ½ Hollow to Floor 61)

24W/UK28- (Bust 51 Waist 45 ¼ Hips 53 ½ Hollow to Floor 61)

26W/UK30- (Bust 53 Waist 47 ½ Hips 55 ½ Hollow to Floor 61)

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Customer Reviews

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Holly London

The dress is beautiful. The tulle is very Cinderella-like, and the length was perfect


I bought two for my wedding bridesmaid dresses, they are truly gorgeous. My bridesmaids love their's really fit perfect!!!


I probably should have gotten a size 10, but I squeezed myself into a size 8 - just snugly (5'7", 148 lbs). This dress is really striking, so much so that I had several strangers approach me to compliment my dress while traveling to and at my venue! The cut at the top and the back is beautiful and the see-through portions of the top are stunning. Be aware that the entire top is see through, it just has the flower design covering most parts. The waist pinches at just the right area leaving a flattering silhouette. Because of the free form bottom of the dress, it was very comfortable, and I didn't have to worry about my "mom belly" showing :-) It is long, but since I am 5'7" and wore 2.5 inch heels, it came just to the floor, but anyone shorter might have issues. Great dress for a great price!

Emily M.
Dress was FANTASTIC!!!

This is such a classy, elegant and beautiful dress!! I measured my daughter; 32.5" bust, 25.5" waist, (hips don't really matter on this one)... We reviewed the sizing chart and ordered a 2 (her measurements put her at a size 2 on most of the sizing charts but typically a 2 fits her too snug or not at all). It took about 5 weeks to get here, but still made it a few days before the estimated shipping dates. When it arrived, she tried it on and it fit beautifully with about 1/2" to spare at the waist. I did make a couple alterations. My daughter is 5'2 (5'5 with heels) so it had to be hemmed by about 4"-5". Additionally, the zipper on the back was a little loose, so when she leaned over, it would unzip (not at all my idea for my daughter!) I put 2 bra-type hooks in the back to secure the top so it didn't come unzipped and also used them to bring in the waist the 1/2" without sewing it. I didn't mark down for the alterations because hemming is a given at her height and the hooks I put in the back took me about 10 minutes. It is stunning and she got so many compliments on it... she came home from prom on cloud 9. I'm a very happy mom!